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Thread: Play GBA Games on Your Nintendo Wii Tutorial

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    Rev Play GBA Games on Your Nintendo Wii Tutorial

    The Nintendo Wii via the Virtual Console can play Nes, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16. It can also play Gamecube games and even Gamecube Homebrew.

    Now tonight having tested myself i can reveal to you all that GBA Games work on the Nintendo Wii via the Gamecube Port.

    Now how does that work you ask, well a few years ago Datel released the Advance Game Port a device that plugs into your Gamecube Memory card slot and you then plug your GBA Games into that and play them on the big screen.

    Firstly you need some items to do this, heres what you need:

    An action replay kit for GC

    The Action Replay for Gamecube will set you back around $25 but as well as being the device needed to boot homebrew its also a Region Free Gamecube Boot Disc and Cheats Device, well worth the cost.

    If Play Asia above dont have the Action Replay for Gamecube in stock try, Divineo Germany, Divineo France and also Divineo Spain

    An Advance GamePort for GC

    Now not many shops still have the Advance Game Port but ive tonight contacted Datel and have asked if they will do a rerun of the product. Ebay, Amazon etc might be your best option.

    OK Lets go

    Heres the instructions

    First Boot up your Nintendo Wii
    2nd Insert the Action Replay for Gamecube Disc
    Next go to the Freeloader Option on the Action Replay
    Use that to boot the Advance Gameport Disc (Boot Disk)
    Plug in the Advance Gameport
    Plug a GBA Game into the Advance Gameport
    Finally boot it up

    Then hey presto youll be playing your favourite GBA Game or even GBA Homebrew/Emulator for GBA on your Nintendo Wii and thats without the need to hack your hardware.

    Do make sure your using the Action Replay with Built in Freeloader.

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    I finally found an Advance GamePort dongle and followed your instructions verbatim but my Wii wont recognize the Action Reply for GameCube disc so this becomes a moot mod.

    I was wondering if you have updated your Wii's firmware recently? I did because I wanted to try out the new Wii voting feature and I was forced to upgrade the Wii firmware in order to do so. This procedure was carried out on Feb. 15th, 2007. I tried your Advance GamePort idea today, Feb. 17th. So... Im wondering if Nintendo may have disabled the Wii's ability to read the Action Reply disc.

    (BTW, my Action Replay Disc has no scratches or dust on it, it's brand new)

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