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Thread: Ootake 0.91 released

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    Default Ootake 0.91 released

    New version of the TG16/PCE emulator for PC.

    what's new on this version:

    - "TV Mode" was added to the image quality mode of the screen. It is possible to play by atmosphere like the video output of TV. A temporary switch can be done by "Screen" menu (or "F11" key). At "Setting"->"Screen" menu, it can be set to start.
    - "Configure TurboButton" was added to "Input" menu. The button only for the auto fire function can be set. * When you set this button and you do a usual auto fire setting ("TurboButton I", "TurboButton II" menu), it is possible to use it oppositely as "Non-TurboButton".
    - "TurboSpeed Off" was added to the speed setting of the auto fire. When you set the button only for the auto fire ("Configure TurboButton" menu), the auto fire button can be off (it doesn't function as I&II button).
    - Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. At high score display of "Darius Plus" and Half-time of "Formation Soccer'90", etc., the problem that the screen fell into disorder by one frame occasionally was corrected.
    - The scanline image quality when the screen is "x4" has been improved.
    - At full-screen, the switch processing of the screen mode (stretch and scanline) was sped up.
    - The reproducibility of the "SUPER GRAFX" has been improved. In ending of "Daimakaimura(Ghouls'n Ghosts)", partial fade-out processing of the screen smoothed. (I think that it can do the same reproduction as a real machine if the memory 16 years of me ago is correct.(^^
    - "Super Grafx Mode" was added to "CPU" menu. It is possible to switch to the "SUPER GRAFX" mode by hand power. I think that the demonstration and the game etc. of making for the "SUPER GRAFX" by oneself operate, too. Moreover, if you use it in "Darius Plus" with "Perform SpriteLimit" menu, it comes skilled a strong sprite ability like "Hardly flickered with the SUPER GRAFX real machine".
    - Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected. (as always)
    - After that, it is a supplementation with the last upgrade release. If you used "Set Resume" menu added with v0.90, in the game where a high score is not preserved, a high score permanently remains. I think that it heats the game play.

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    Nice. Another open-source PCE/TG emu! Thanks for posting this, JKK

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