CaH4e3 updated his site with the following message:
- A couple of FDS Conversions has arrived recently, now I can put them in one batch and release the dumps. There were a lot more FDS conversions to find and dump to complete my FDS Conversions list, but these ones are good enough to obtain too. So sad, dumps of the FDS conversions are not so exciting, as carts itself, but they are hard to find just now. In any case, you always can play the original. But... All these dumps are supported by the latest FCEUmm, of course.
- Falsion (FDS Conversion, Whirlwind_Manu)(Unl)[!]. First, one of at least two versions of the FDS game "Falsion" popped out, Whirlwind Manu version has no Konami copyrights on the screen, and obviously there is no extra sound effects on the pirate cart. But it's still some kind of rare. Second known version of that game was made by Kaiser and has it's copyright on the screen.
- Green Beret (FDS Conversion, Whirlwind Manu)(Unl)[U][!]. Second one, less rare, can be found here in Russia too, but there is a lot more on Taiwan. Green Beret is a Whirlwind Manu conversion, and unlike the previous conversion, has all the Konami copyrights on the title screen. This version mostly the same as original version.
- Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou (FDS Conversion)(Unl)[U][!]. Third, mostly hard to find cart just now, but still possible to find from collectors (thanks jjaeheee!).
- Bubble Bobble (FDS Conversion, CHR-ROM version)(Unl)[U][!], ProWres (FDS Conversion, LE05 simplified)(Unl)[U][!]. And last two, dumped a longtime ago, but emulated only now. Bubble Bobble is totally different version from at least two other known revisions, which consist only of 128K PRG ROM and has VRAM on board. This one uses only 64K or PRG ROM and 32K or CHR ROM instead of RAM. There is no other visible differences between these and other revisions thought. ProWres is a simplified version of the other known FDS Conversion of that game, this one include only 32K or PRG ROM (instead of 32K + 2K in original version), and mapper seems simplier.
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