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Game controller technology is a major factor in the development of videogaming, reckons id Software's John Carmack.

"For years, I've been saying ... how IO [input/output] devices are where the really big differences are going to be made in gaming," Carmack said in an interview with Game Informer, when asked about game development for Wii.

"You can get ten times the graphics power, and you can make a prettier picture, but when somebody makes a new IO device that really changes the way that people interact with the game, that's going to have a larger benefit there.

"So I'm really pleased with what they're (Nintendo) doing with the Wii and with the DS-and they're doing innovative things," he added.

But don't get too excited, Wii fans, because there seems to be no chance of Quake coming to Wii: "But our current generation of game technology is not targeted at the Wii. Maybe that was a mistake on our part originally, but we have been looking strictly at the 360, PS3 and PC as what we want to simultaneously develop on. We probably aren't going to be able to hit the Wii with the same technology platform."

Carmack also revealed a keen interest in taking Wolfenstein to the big screen: "One of the things we're working on now, although the rights are currently all back with us, with Wolfenstein in development there's interest in a Wolfenstein movie."

Let's hope it turns out better than the Doom movie.