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Extended versions of The Godfather game previously released on Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS are on their way to the Wii and PS3, with extra content and enhanced controls.

The Godfather The Don's Edition is the name of the version coming to PS3 whilst the Wii game will be titled, The Godfather Blackhand Edition.

Both games will feature new missions, new ways to find dirty cops for your dodgy deals, and the added ability to follow the path of either an Enforcer or Operator, offering you different "perks and abilities".

The Don's Edition on PS3 will also have new Shipyard and Rail yard transportation hubs which will presumably increase mobility throughout the city, whilst the Blackhand Edition on Wii will have you swinging the Remote and Nunchuk to fight, and pointing the Remote like a gun to shoot your enemies.

The already-released Godfather game is a decent urban-gangster romp and, even though it's been out for a while already, with the new features added these versions, they could be well worth a look for Wii and PS3 owners this spring.

Both games are due in March in the US, and presumably shortly after in UK.