via gamesradar

If you thought making dinner in real life was a blast, wait 'til you see what you can do on a console. Publisher Majesco is bringing Cooking Mama: Cook Off to Wii later this year and we have a healthy dose of new screens to serve.

Game designers are determined to use the Wii-mote to mimic just about every bodily motion or mundane activity we partake in on a daily basis and turning it into big fun - and Cooking Mama looks to be no different.

Rather than being a 'Wii-make' like the Trauma Center port from DS, Cook Off was built from the ground up to satisfy multiple cooks in the kitchen. For the Wii version, you'll hold the Wii-mote in different yet completely natural ways to slice, chop, grate and stir your meals to make everything from international dishes to desserts.

Also new to Cook Off is a Cooking Challenge mode which pits you and a friend against each other, letting you satisfy your MasterChef desires in your living room

Screens at link above