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Thread: Legal Woes Aside, iPhone To Rumble With PSP and DS

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    General games Legal Woes Aside, iPhone To Rumble With PSP and DS

    Via Kotaku

    Newsweek's N'Gai Croal pinged us with his take on how the iPhone will shake things up. He blogs:

    The iPhone isn't a direct challenger to Sony's portable gaming ambitions--that would be the wildly popular Nintendo DS--but it most certainly is a threat to Sony's mobile media and communication ambitions. After all, the iPod has iTunes (with music, movies, TV and games); while the PSP has the Playstation Network (for PS2 games that can run on the PSP's emulator and...nothing else right now--more than two years after its launch.)

    But what about the DS? Croal says:

    The iPhone won't stop the DS from selling like ice on a hot summer day, but it could cause a lot of casual DS owners to put it in a sock drawer and forget about it.
    But for now, it looks like the only thing that's being shaken up is Apple as the company gets entangled in a legal dispute over trademark infringement. Portable gaming, for now you are safe!

    For more about the Iphone check out our Apple News Site.

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    sounds like another N-Gage to me... pure hype.

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