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Avoid 'EM all is a “dodging them all” (not, without jokes ) where you must, armed with your stylet, to avoid the balls who break on your red square.
The goal of the play is to make best time.
The rain of ball accelerates during your performance, and you will have the possibility of collecting two types of no-claims bonus in order to help you to hold longest!


Version 1.0: 10/01/07
Initial Release

How to play:
Once you pressed on the touch screen, you control a red square which you must at all costs prevent from being made touch by the white particles which fall from the higher screen.
The jouability is with simplest: to move on the touch screen will make move your square at this place.

On the screen time like your life is presented.
Time indicates your time of survival quite simply.
The life, as opposed to what one could believe, does not make it possible to in no case to be able to be caught particles of time to other. This gauge decreases gradually if you are in one on the two sides of the touch screen:
A co-ordinate in 0 or 255 (all on the left or all on the right) will entrainera the reduction in your life. If it reaches 0, you lose.
This system was set up in order to prevent from camping on the edges of the screen.

No-claims bonus:
Interesting part of the play, the no-claims bonus are of two kinds:
Green particles: The play passes in mode slows down for one duration indicated in top of the lower screen. You can then better locate you when there are many particles. You can be made touch in this mode.

Red particles: You become invincible! The one moment space (indicated in top of the lower screen) you can be made touch by any particle without losing the part. Effective at the time of high performances, but still is necessary it to succeed in catching it. You cannot touch the edges of the screen without losing life, it is a closed area!

Heres whats new:

Changelog: [+] the no-claims bonus are put in reserve. To use them with left or right-hand side (use buttons Y and A for the left-handeds person) like indicating on the screen. [+] Addition of the sound for the mode switch-over slowed down.

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