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Thread: Command And Conquer DS Clone Project WIP News

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    NDS Command And Conquer DS Clone Project WIP News

    News from the Command And Conquer DS Clone Project :

    I implemented the basic A* algorithm last night and it's working fine. Next I'm going to expand the test, neaten the code and create a batch of different heuristics. I want to put them all into a single demo so you can switch heuristic whenever you want, and then compare CPU cycles and the paths for each one. When I'm done with this I'll more than likely release it as the next game test.

    To give you a clue where it's going I'm planning an offline terrain analysis tool that will identify features on the map such as choke points and good places to build bases (near resources etc.) to help out the AI. It will also create higher-level node maps to ease the path finding and do other cool stuff.

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    sounds like this might be goin smwhere.

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