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Thread: Xecuter PS3 Hyperdrive News

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    ps3 Xecuter PS3 Hyperdrive News

    Via Team Xecuter

    First of all we hope you had a great Xmas and wish you the best for 2007.

    PS3 Hyperdrive design is finished. This is a product that will enable you to connect any size HDD both whether its sata or ide*(still being added not tested completely yet) using a plug and play system so you can maximise your storage space and minimize your hard drive costs. You can also connect the Hyperdrive to your PC via USB for doing whatever you wanna do with the data without any fuss. Its a very simple plug and play system. Here are the features and a preview pics are attached.

    1. Supports 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDD (Also working on built in IDE support)
    2. Switch for SATA HDD (2.5"/3.5") w/ LED
    3. Switch for select output interface for PC (SATA or USB) w/ LED
    4. Special SATA female(Hyperdrive) to Male(PS3) connecter with custom plug-lock design, easy install and just plug and lock.
    5. Release lock button for disconnecting Hyperdrive with PS3
    6. Molex power source input.
    7. Easy to install HDD inside the HyperDrive.
    8. Built-in cooling fan.

    I know we seem to be a little slow on dev lately but we just want to get things done right without having to address problems later down the road. Thanks for your patience.

    Screens Via Comments

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    Oh sweet! I am definately getting one.

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    After seeing this, I kind of wish that I didn't get that 160GB 2.5" hard drive for my PS3 >.>

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