Virtual vanity' trend supported by access from all connected devices.
Facebook has 543m mobile users, while 100m only ever access the social network via smartphones and tablets. Now, new data from suggests there's a huge amount of mobile-based users in the UK.
One in nine Brits aged 18-25 admits to spending a massive eight hours a day on Facebook through 20 daily visits – the equivalent of an average whole working day!
Given the huge time span, it's safe to assume most access is made on the move, as the average user spends just 80 minutes a day on the social network.
The trend of such high usage is known as 'virtual vanity', particularly with 38 per cent of users worrying about being tagged in a dodgy photo, which spikes to 46 per cent for girls.
Meanwhile, 27 per cent of users feel unpopular when they see they haven't been invited to places other friends have been to, while 19 per cent embellish status updates to seem more interesting.
24 per cent even pay out for new clothes regularly, worrying they'll be spotted wearing the same outfit twice.