The last two years, Nintendo saw Gamecube software sales plummeting, and the general outlook for the Nintendo Gamecube itself has not seemed very bright, infact as of now the Gamecube is all about barren for any new releases, and as a console is effectively dead, now however the legacy of the Gamecube seems to be even stronger, and Gamecube games have gained an al new life expectancy because of this.

Consumers are now discovering several titles that they infact overlooked the past generation, purchasing Games Like Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness, Geist, and Several other AAA titles that they may have missed out on by overlooking what the Gamecube had to offer this last round. Many retailers (Such as EB Games and Gamestop) Offer several Games at prices less than 20 dollars new, and people are taking advantage of this.

Could this infact extend the production life of Gamecube games? or simply help solidify the Nintendo's position in the Market. Only time will tel where this leads.

via scp