It's been common knowledge for a fair old while that Climax is developing a Ghost Rider videogame, but little has been seen of it. However, new screenshots released today are providing us with a rare look at the title.

Ghost Rider is a tie-in with the forthcoming Nicholas Cage movie of the same name - which in turn is based on the Ghost Rider Marvel comic book. In case you're not familiar with the comic, it tells the tale of motorcycle stunt rider Johnny Blaze who strikes a deal with Mephistopheles to save his dying father in exchange for his immortal soul.

The game itself continues the movie's storyline, player obviously assuming the role of Blaze and battling evil in what's been described as an "immersive, supernatural third person world with a seamless blend of hand-to-hand combat and high-speed motorcycle action". Versions of Ghost Rider are expected on PS2, PSP and GBA in February.

Screens Here