Pasofami v2.0a is released. Pasofami a japanese NES, SNES And GameBoy emulator.

Pasofami v2.0a ChangelogGoogle Translate)

1. NSF created automatically add the title (Nes Sound File)
(41 Titles: 26 Titles Added overseas in Japan)

2. Enhancements create NSF (This function is also available in the trial version Pasofami.)
You can create NSF files to another song selection from NSF file.
You can create a NSF file by selecting the file play anywhere in the NES.
NSF file that you create can be heard in the NSF player of your choice.
- Or while playing NES files can be written to a file in the output sound ports play NSF files (NSD file).
By reading this NSD file, you can output MP3, WAV, MID, etc. Thus the processing of their own.

3. Pasofami File Explorer bug fixes
-Fixes a bug where the scroll bar of the list file list is not displayed.
If the top-level view of the drive, and fixes a problem in which the head of one character file name does not appear in the file list.