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Thread: PMP Mod AVC v1.02M_g subtitle mod (fw1.5/OE)

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    psp PMP Mod AVC v1.02M_g subtitle mod (fw1.5/OE)

    News/release via Moneytoo:

    Hello everybody
    There were some annoying things for me in PMP Mod AVC (Video Player for PSP) . Through my poor PSP programming experiences, I did some changes. The most important imo was the time and battery display in PMP (have no wrist watch and dont use irShell :-) ) and some subtitle stuff. Feel free to use if you like it. Never mind if you dont. :-)

    Verison 1.02M_g (11.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - fixed freezing when displaying osd without inserted battery
    - fixed completing description of controls (some left)

    Verison 1.02M_f (11.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - fixed single line subtitle limit in .sub file (now if its more than 62 chars, new line is added so subtitles are displayed correctly - no more gray strokes)
    - added extension .avc is supported and displayed in filelist
    - added basic support for analogue pad (only up/down in filelist)

    Version 1.02M_e (10.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - fixed deleting (not disappearing dialog window)
    - added elapsed/remaining time display (press X + start)

    Version 1.02M_d (09.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - added description of controls (press square in filelist)

    Version 1.02M_c (09.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - added display subtitles up, when the bar is shown

    Version 1.02M_b (09.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - added left battery life time on status bar during video play
    - added deleting only .pos file (press SELECT - O to confirm)

    Version 1.02M_a (09.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - added time and battery on status bar during video play (audio stream and loop hided - no use for me)

    Version 1.02M_ (06.01.07) tuned by madruscoe:

    - fixed file info date display (maybe only my problem cause of using xvid4psp)
    - fixed units Mb -> MB etc.
    - added deleting .pmp including .sub, .srt, and .pos files
    - added actual time display (press Start button to refresh)
    - added battery status (percent) and time left

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via moneytoo

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    i like subtitles.

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    Thanks for doing the battery thing, I was thinking of doing it a couple of weeks ago, but I was too lazy, it seems like someone did it for me.

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