Love, Eskil Steenberg's beautiful, ideological co-op game, is now free to download.
The game, which Steenberg has been working on alone, without funding, for five years, has been made free because its creator, simply put, wants as many people as possible to experience it.
"I have tried to make the game of my dreams and to push the envelope of what a game can be in every area," he writes on the Quel Solaar site. "After countless iterations, innovations and experiments I think I have created something special. Love has become a game unlike any other.
"Now I really think you should play it. So much that I'm making the game free."
Back in 2009 we described Love as "Itís a deeply iconoclastic mix of action game, building game, and adventure, all set in a world run by Steenberg himself" and "one of the most interesting games currently in development." Find out for yourself by downloading it for free here, and keep an eye on Edge Online for more on Lovelater today.