Nintendo is set to host a Wii U-focused press event this Thursday, September 13th, in New York City.
The platform holder has promised to reveal "more about how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment," and we expect to finally get an answer to the many burning questions surrounding its next-gen console.
Here are the key facts you should expect will be addressed at the New York press event.
Release date: December for Europe, November for US

First up is the obvious; when's it coming out? CVG sources have suggested a European Wii U release date in early December, although non-North American release info may not come out of this week's event.Despite Europe seemingly slipping past the key November release period thanks to rumoured manufacturing issues, US residents could still expect the Nintendo console to arrive alongside the game-ageddon that is the 11th month of the year. Indeed, CVG's own sources have indicated the platform holder is determined to release the system in the US before the lucrative Thanksgiving holiday.