Microsoft is to open 32 stores across the US and Canada in time for the holiday season, prompting the question of what will be the big sell - Windows 8 or the new Microsoft Surface?
The firm hasn't been too precise with its info - stores are going to start opening in 'fall'. As both Windows 8 and the Surface are due to arrive on October 26th, late October or early November look likely.
Whether the stores are purely for the Christmas season or planned to become permanent shops is as yet unknown, but Microsoft has let it slip before that it would like to have 75 stores in place by 2014.
Microsoft is already advertising the jobs here - fancy being a Technical Advisor or Product Advisor? Note you will be expected to maintain an 'elite' knowledge of MS products.
If these pop-up stores prove to be successful, it seems likely that we might see similar shops in the UK soon. Microsoft will no doubt hope to develop destination stores as Apple has successfully done before it - whether it can succeed or not will be interesting to see.