But console giant aware it must make each entry unique to avoid tarnishing its flagship franchise

There is no danger of Nintendo using the Mario franchise too much and milking it dry, the console giantís Reggie Fils-Aime has said.
Speaking to gamesindustry, the Nintendo of America CEO said that developers at the company were always aware of the need to make each new entry in the Mario series unique to avoid the franchise growing tired.

He said that if it didnít offer anything new or groundbreaking in Mario games, it would ďkill the golden goose that lays the golden eggĒ.
The latest entry in the hugely successful and longstanding franchise, New Super Mario Bros U, is set to launch with Nintendoís next-gen Wii U console.
It will be the third entry in as many years to release under the same brand, as well as a number of other Mario-themed titles.