Silverball Studios, today launched a brand new free iOS app, to the iTunes app store, to flaunt the incredible technology that will be used when developing the games promised in their Pro Pinball Kickstarter campaign, launched on 5th September. Plus a new video update from Pat Lawlor discussing his new wacky ideas for the brand new table is available on the Kickstarter page.

A week after allowing a completely free PC and Mac download of the demo on the Kickstarter page, the team have now brought the demo to the iPhone and iPad;

"The demo has been so well received and people are really getting excited about what they know we will achieve with these games if the Kickstarter project is a success. We wanted to make sure people really had a feel for the level of perfection we will realise on the formats closest to their hearts. Therefore, as of today, everyone can download the app from the app store, completely free." Said Adrian Barritt, CEO Silverball Studios.

In a further update to the project, Pinball legend Pat Lawlor; creator of the best selling pinball table of all time, The Addams Family, andthe highest rated pinball table of all time, The Twilight Zone, who is partnering with the Studio on this project, has released a personal video discussing his ideas for the new table he is set to create on to the Kickstarter page;

The table will be a completely new and unique design and is set to exceed, on a number of levels, pinball games to date. The game, which will be built using the Silverball Studio technology, described as the most realistic and flawless there is, and will be designed by arguably the best pinball game designer ever.

"The design process is different to anything before, I am able to design without the financial constraints and guidelines you have when making a physical table which will allow for some things that have not been possible before. However, I am designing this table in such a way that it could be made into a physical table. So no anti-gravity, just the most exciting table I have ever designed." Said Lawlor.

The video sees Lawlor in his studio at the start of the design process, he discussed his ideas for the theme, stating "Clowns, Robots and Zombies, all in the same game!" and calls for people to get behind the project and be in with a chance of helping decide on the theme themselves.

For those pledging over $100 the chance to vote on and influence the design ideas will be offered.

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