SEGA® Europe Ltd. and Stampii today announced details of the first-ever Sonic the Hedgehog™ digital trading cards collection. The collection soft launched earlier in the month with a limited number of cards available and more to follow throughout the year. The cards will be available through a number of desktop and mobile platforms.

The Sonic the Hedgehog collection consist of 90 unique digital cards each containing a wide selection of images, videos and information related to the Sonic universe. Not only will the cards feature Sonic himself, but his friends and foes are also available to collect as are a number of the videogames he has appeared in. Sonic the Hedgehog has gained over 3 million fans globally during his twenty years in videogames. The digital nature of these virtual cards allows collectors anywhere in the world to exchange their cards online, with social networks helping to raise the experience of card trading from a local level to a worldwide scale.

Users can access the collection in the Stampii app, available across multiple desktop and mobile platforms (including PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android) as well as through Facebook or directly on the Stampii web site: All the applications are linked and synched together, so fans can enjoy, share and swap their collections at any time, anywhere.

The Sonic digital trading card collection will also include challenges and promotions designed specifically for users as well as the chance to win new digital cards and official merchandise.