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Thread: ICE64 vv3.3 (Beta)

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    Default ICE64 vv3.3 (Beta)


    ICE64 is a Nintendo N64 emulator based of the code from NICE64 v2.1.2.

    ICE64 v3.3(Beta) is released!
    posted 16 hours ago by Pokefan 999 [ updated 15 hours ago ]
    ICE64 beta releases are meant for ICE64 testers and advance users who knows the risk involved.
    Normal users should use v3.0(Final) or wait for v4.0(Final).

    Core Changes

    rewrite some of the gfx plugin fb functions(experimental)
    remove old hack(OB64 no longer needs it)
    minor update on detect framebuffer usage function
    rewrite copy self code check and handling
    fix possible z copy code logic bug
    fix minor set texture image, depth image and color image bug(experimental)
    rewrite the ci count(previous) logic codes (experimental)
    redo Mario Tennis hacks
    fix upperleft grey square, remove all related hacks
    fix black rectangle at the net during service fault or ball go out
    fix Pokemon Stadium 2 mini games menu screens
    gfx corruption fixed
    "dead" slow speed fixed
    serious gfx tearing using transfer pak fixed
    fix Pokemon Stadium 2 random speed slowdown at Pokemon lab using transfer pak
    organize pokemon pc - speed slowdown when selecting displayed pokemon moves fixed
    pokedex pc - speed slowdown when displaying pokemon fixed except Charizard & family(???)
    pokemon trade service - speed slowdown after trade completes and pokemon displayed fixed
    fix dump textures hotkey regression
    minor fix on MyGlide3x
    refactor analyze block function and correct RA bug(experimental)
    remove 2 old hacks from BAR hacks

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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