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Thread: Capcom promises new IP from Euro developers

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    Rev Capcom promises new IP from Euro developers

    via gibiz

    It may be best known for bringing its hit Japanese franchises such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to the West, but Capcom is determined to stamp its mark in Europe ? by originating and creating new IP with local development teams.

    "We're looking to expand our business by creating Western content above and beyond what's being created in Japan," revealed Mark Beaumont executive VP of North America and Europe, speaking exclusively to

    "We've begun an initiative of creating next-gen product for North America and Europe that will show up in the market place in 2008."

    And although the company has just expanded Beaumont's remit to cover consumer software in Europe as well as North America, the firm insists the publisher's European division will remain autonomous.

    "At the same time we are absolutely focused on the European business being a stand alone entity that can be successful in its own right. All of the efforts that are going on in Capcom are looking to allow us to grow in this territory specifically," he said.

    Capcom has already toyed with a similar strategy in the past - resulting in the poorly received Without Warning from Circle Studios. However, the company believes a renewed push to create original content for the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 will help expand into new genres not usually associated with the publisher.

    "That is part of our initiative to grow product and broaden our portfolio. To work with the best available talent to create new experiences that people haven't seen before," revealed Beaumont.

    "Our Western development initiative is not going to focus on horror products, because we already have them."

    "As we look at new genres for Capcom and other products we want to create, we'll be looking to work with developers who have really strong skills and a track record in creating that kind of content," he added.

    It's not all original products for 2008, with Beaumont promising familiar franchises will return, as Capcom looks to take a bigger portion of the videogame sector in all regions.

    "In 2008 we'll have new versions of existing franchises and new titles that are original IP. We're really starting to ramps things up and become that much more significant in the marketplace," he said.

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    Capcom need to just show the Wii their support by releasing some good games. They've been sucking Microsoft willy for the past few months and Nintendo haven't gotten $#@!!

    Excuse my foul language.

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