via kotaku

Seems sales spinning is a global phenomenon. Seems Christmas 2006 in Australia was dominated by Nintendo. At least, that's according to Nintendo Australia:

In the critical December retail period, the Nintendo DS Lite confirmed its #1 position in Australia, trouncing all competitors in both the handheld and home console market. This is a trend that continued throughout the year, making the Nintendo DS the highest selling games console of 2006.*

Once released, Wii officially broke the Australian record for the biggest launch of a video game system in history. In a few short weeks Wii has established itself as the current 'must have' item. Demand quickly outstripped supply and although new stock shipments are constantly arriving, the Wii remains a very 'hot' item with Nintendo managing to sell over 50,000* units in just 3 weeks of December.

Looks good. Oh, except for the two *'s. Which don't come bundled with explanations, or sources. What are they, Nintendo? Guesses? Hopes? Wishes? Or just regular old spin? Whichever one, this sales/shipped figures fib-fest is getting real old, real fast.