A new threat is stirring to the east of Taborea. Gameforge is expanding the online world of Runes of Magic with a completely new region, Chrysalia, in the coming week. Thundering waterfalls, bubbling pools of lava, and huge ant-built structures will greet new adventurers, replete with never before seen foes, plenty of new quests and a highly demanding instance. This ancient land and native home to the true dragons is currently being plagued by the Kulech, a clan of exceedingly aggressive ant creatures. The new flythrough video will give a first impression of the imposing landscape which adventurers can explore starting as of the 25th of September.

Chrysalia lies on the coast of the continent of Kolydia. The tempestuous storms across the ocean make their presence known in the coves of the region as a dusty and driving wind, shaking the bridges constructed by the allies to connect the disparate cave systems. The force of the four elements has shaped the land since time immemorial, and has created a host of perilous anomalies. This region is inhabited by two different types of ant-like Myrmex. The Garon are the more peaceable of the two races and, in a nod to symbiotic development, their counterparts the Kulech are belligerent and hostile.

On the itinerary for budding adventurers are also the more secluded corners of Chrysalia, such as the Edliss Ruins to the south, the Bloody Battlefield and the Kulech Bones Nest the new instance. Fierce battle awaits against the Queen of the Myrmex, which will mark out the true heroes from the rest.