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Thread: USBeXtreme Release

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    Default USBeXtreme Release

    USBeXtreme allows you to convert your PS2 games to USB HDD and run directly from the USB HDD connected to your console. It is compatible with ALL version of PS2 (included PSX). Do you want to get your own piece? Go to <a href="" target="_blank" >Linkers</a> which is the first online store to sell USBextreme, to buy it now!

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    do you know if action replay max is compatable with usb extreme?

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    Is this legal? What makes it legal? There has to be a legal "intended purpose" if it stays around, no?

    Anyhoo, this is just what I was looking for!

    Well, not really, as it requires me to buy an external hard drive though I needed one anyways.

    Anyhoo.... can I use my PSP as the mass storage device in the mean time? Maybe if I have a 1GB card, and if PS2 games are more than 1 GB- at least load PSX games off of it? Will that work?

    What about if I do get an external usb hard drive... and I want to store things that have nothing to do with this purpose- will I be able to keep those files on there while loading my PS2 games off of it?

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