NGames, a leading online publisher, has today revealed that 3D browser-based MMORPG, Cyber Monster, will be entering open beta on September 26th. Since launching CBT on September 19th, Cyber Monster has already exceeded 30,000 players.

Cyber Monster is a browser-based MMORPG with a twist. An advanced 3D graphics rendering engine generates a world brimming with enjoyable adventure, while a focus on building communities and a deep mount system lends the game a broad appeal.

Besides a raft of adorable cartoon characters, monsters and pets, Cyber Monster has earned player plaudits for the games simple yet fascinating class system, which encourages dual-gender teams.

The 3D browser-based adventure MMORPG features four unique classes: Warrior (male), Priest (female), Mage (male) and Ranger (female). Each class has four different roles and strengths, which when joined together form a perfect team capable of cruising past challenging bosses and dungeons.

Male characters revolve around might and magic. The dragon knight Warriorcarries a sharp sword and a tough shield, making them great fighters with high Defence and HP. Their destructive capabilities, unique dragon pet and shining armour make them an obvious choice for players wanting to play the role of the hero.

Mages are manipulators of mysterious magic. They can control the natural elements and set the pace of the battlefield for the rest of their team to follow. While adept at using their magic to defend, attacks such as the Gale, which strike all enemy targets with devastating force, make them formidable aggressors and the number one class for anybody wanting to do some damage.

Female classes, the Priest and the Ranger, are imperative to group safety.Priests hold the holy power of the gods in their hands, which they use to heal the injured. They are the only class with the ability to heal others, making them an essential part of a group's defensive strategy. Though their hands feel as soft as water when healing, their powerful Staff can hit you like a tidal wave when it needs too.

The Rangers are superior hunters with a graceful fairy like figure, usually found fighting on their own at a distance using their superior shooting skills. They can pierce the chest of enemies with cold arrows from sniper positions, making Rangers the stuff of nightmares for any opponent unfortunate enough to stumble into their sights.
Though coming with pre-assigned genders, Cyber Monster's balanced class system lets players choose their class freely based on personal preference.

NGames has the Cyber Monster closed beta on September 19th. Interested players can sign up for a chance to play now: