One of the biggest sellers for the Japanese DS late last year was Sega's Oshare Majo Love and Berry, a port of a girls oriented arcade card game. In order to replicate the arcade version, the DS version came bundled with a card reader device that plugged into the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot on the DS. The Oshare Magic Cards from the arcade version could then be used both for the DS and arcade versions of the game.

Today's news concerns those who love their Love and Berry but aren't interested in playing the arcade version. Starting 1/24, Sega Japan will begin selling the Oshare Majo Love and Berry Official Card Packs. Pricing is set at 210 yen for a pack of three cards. These cards can be used both with the arcade and DS versions of the game.

Included in the official set are 39 card types, selected from the various arcade card collections that have been released so far. On top of that are 31 rare cards and 8 super rare cards, totaling 78 card types, included at random.