Ancient Rome is going mobile: available immediately, the browser game Gladiatus is now on the iPad. The app, free for download in the app store, allows heroes of Rome new and old to face one another.

Using navigation bar adapted for the tablet, all of Gladiatus' information and actions can be accessed: the intuitive drag & drop controls also help new players get to grips with the game quickly.

Users of the browser version that already own a Gladiatus account can log in without issue with their data and from then on be able to play on the go or on the couch. New players can register quickly with a playername on the app directly and then head straight into the fray the cross-platform fray: players on the browser and the app editions can face each other at any time.

Gladiatus iPad App

On Gladiatus
A life of risks awaits players of free browser MMOG Gladiatus Hero of Rome. Before a backdrop of ancient Rome, heroes face exciting expeditions against over one hundred unique opponents in battles for fame, honour and loot. More than a thousand item types beckon as rewards to brave gladiators from within sinister dungeons and in the arenas of Rome.