BioWare has released the latest major update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Update 1.4: Terror From Beyond.
It's a massive update, as you'll know if you've been following the drip-fed details in recent weeks. Here are the 'highlights', but with such a massive patch list we'll let you get the full details on the official site through the link below.Highlights

  • Terror from Beyond, a new Operation, is now available! Travel to the remote planet of Asation, where the Dread Masters have commandeered an ancient Gree Hypergate in order to unleash untold horrors upon the galaxy. Terror from Beyond features 5 powerful new boss encounters that can be challenged in 8- and 16- player Story or Hard Mode, offering some of the most challenging group content yet!

  • A new set of PvE gear is available! Dread Guard gear is now the most powerful PvE equipment in the galaxy. It can be acquired from deep within Terror from Beyond (Hard Mode).

  • Significant changes have been made to crowd control to address the amount of control a player can be subject to at once. See the Classes and Combat section for details.

Gargantuan update feature list through here.