via gamasutra

In addition to new content recently added to the PlayStation Store, officials from Sony have confirmed a new selection of PlayStation titles coming soon to the service, including classic Sony racing franchise Wipeout and Jet Moto.

No firm release date has yet been set on the new emulated PlayStation titles, set for a $5.99 release, playable after transfer to Sony's PSP, but the two titles will also be joined by more exclusive PS3 downloadable content, including a multiplayer pack for existing original shooter Blast Factor for $2.99.

News of the new content accompanied word that PlayStation racer Rally Cross is currently available for download, again at $5.99, as well as new content for Genji: Days of the Blade in the form of a free alternate armor costume pack.

Also new on the PlayStation Store is a number of videos, including a new remixed trailer for the recently-released Sidhe-developed critically acclaimed auto-puzzle game GripShift, with trailers for the now-available Gran Turismo HD Concept game and highly anticipated PS2 title God of War II expected with the next update.