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Thread: Datel LAN Adapter Released

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    Rev Datel LAN Adapter Released

    The official one is a swine to get hold of but luckily Datel are here to the rescue, heres the details:

    Connect your Wii to the internet via cable network.
    USB 2.0 connection to your Wii.
    Plugs into DSL/cable modem or router.
    Includes 6ft patch cable.
    Faster connection than WiFi.

    Link your Wii to your current network!

    Youíve got a Nintendo Wii. You have a broadband internet connection on your PC. Youíve heard about all the fun things you can do online with your console. Yet when it comes to connecting your Wii to the net, you donít know where to start. You need the Wii LAN AdapterÖ

    With our amazing new LAN Adapter for the Nintendo Wii, you can create a wired high-speed internet connection for your console. Just plug the Adapter into your Wii, and then connect it to your PCís DSL or Cable modem or your router using the six-foot patch cable supplied. Itís as simple as that!

    Because Wii LAN Adapter uses a cable connection, it always offers a high-speed, reliable connection. Itís ideal for places where wireless connectivity isn't possible, perhaps because of thick walls or interference from other products. At last, you can enjoy uninterrupted online gaming!

    More Info /buy here -->

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    Interesting to know its actually faster than wifi, now im actually interested. But all that cabling is a nusence.

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    I was wondering if any one could help me with a small problem I am having please?

    I have brought the Datel LAN Adapter for Nintendo Wii and opened up the item today and I know have a problem if any one could help me please!

    Firstly the lead does not stretch to my computer, I am presuming I can buy a lead to extend it? And if so where from?

    Secondly it apparently plugs into the back of my router but I have no spare space to plug it? Can I buy some kind of device to split it so both parts can be plugged in? I am presuming this goes into the slot marked "DSL' or can I unplug the part marked 'DSL' and just plug this in its place?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    its amazing how you can just buy this stuff cheaper and its more readily available, but when big companies such as Nintendo buy into this stuff and put their names on it its expensive.

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    Standard 100baseT ethernet is always faster than that Wii's wifi. They're just stating something that's a fact and trying to sell it as some sort of "feature". Since we don't have any online play or large downloadable content (at this stage), there's no real benefit to having a faster connection than wifi (and there's no hassle of running wires).

    Since wifi is standard, I would assume that any such net-enabled games would have less of a bandwidth requirement than current online console games. Take a look at the 360 for example - tethered ethernet is the standard, not wifi.

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    Wifi or direct cable connection will have no difference in speed unless you can download at over 1MB (thats megaBYTE) per second.

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