via cvg

Citing an anonymous source, website Rumour Reporter has claimed that development on a "high profile title for the PlayStation 3" has "stalled completely", and could change from a full-fledged retail release to a chopped-up download on the PS3's online store.

The title in question is widely assumed to be Incognito's PS3 update of Warhawk, which has seemingly gone AWOL since it was shown in hands-on form at last year's E3.

Responding to the rumours David 'God of War drunkard' Jaffe - who was recently at the studio working on Calling All Cars! - said, "So just because some disgruntled ex-worker- who thought the game should have been made HIS way- is now getting his 15 minutes by spouting off to some news source, does not mean he is bringing any meat to the table in terms of valid information. It may be TRUE information in terms of a game having been down a tough road, but again- that is par for the course."

A Sony spokesperson told CVG that they were "not aware of any problems" with Warhawk's development, but we'll report back once we get any futher updates.