Webelinx has released a new game for iPhone that gives users a chance to prove their sliding skills. Users have the task to answer simple and funny true/false questions and see how fast their reflexes really are.

“Slide to Answer” gives users the task to move slider to correct answer as fast as they can to get higher score. The faster user answers the question the more points he/she gets. During the game users will encounter some of the distracters, which will try to confuse them, making the game even more interesting. These distracters are: speed up and switch. But there are also superpowers to help users stay in the game longer. There are three types of superpowers to help users: freeze, slow and auto answer. Users can use the superpower only when superpower indicator is completely full. Superpower indicators are filled by giving correct answers. Users can download this game from iTunes.

Find this app @ this link