Arkedo and Sanuk Games are ecstatic to announce that the critically acclaimed ARKEDO SERIES will be available on PlayStation®3 in America on October 16th, just 14 months after the initial announcement was made.

“Sony America demanded that the 3 games be grouped into one offering”, explains Sanuk Games’ Yan Marchal, “as opposed to being sold individually, like we did in Europe. This required a little bit of extra work, and at the time we didn’t have the bandwidth for it, therefore we postponed the release for a while.”

Then, a ‘difficult’ submission process delayed it further. “The approval took me by surprise”, Marchal adds, “I was almost not expecting it anymore. I would like to thank everybody at Sony America who supported us and argued in our favor throughout the twists and turns of the system. We’re glad we can finally bring these little jewels to America!”

The ARKEDO SERIES consists of 3 tightly crafted arcade games that will douse your console in a colorful world and challenge you with some serious old-school action.

First comes “01 – JUMP!” – A platformer where your 8-bit hero must collect bombs before they blow up, while avoiding nasty little bats, 2-way powered crabs, sharp stalactites, spikes from hell, and a bunch of other oddities. The game is so truthful to the old-school experience that it has no ‘continue’: once you’ve lost all your lives, you have to start it all over again – but in a good mood!

Then comes “02 – SWAP!” – A Match-4 game where you must clear blocks before they reach the top of the screen. Combos, bonus blocks, power blocks and time freezers will help you escape critical situations and dominate the five worlds contained in the game. And once you think you’re done, you’ll find out that there are still a number of things waiting for you in Challenge mode.

Last but not least comes “03 – PIXEL!” – The platformer that will have you finally understand why you bought such an expensive HDTV: the halo surrounding big fat pixels had never looked so good! You direct Pix the Cat (a character that also appears in the critically acclaimed PIX’N LOVE RUSH) through his nocturnal adventure in a pixilated world.

Initially published on XBox Live Indy Games as a “one game per month” experiment, the ARKEDO SERIES got scores of enthusiastic reviews. Jamie Davies from called “01 – JUMP!” a “colorful and highly entertaining platformer that’s crammed with charm”, while Brandon Daiker of felt like he would best describe it as a “fistful of Altoids stuffed straight up your ass”. The two other games received similar praise, although not with the same eloquence.

The ARKEDO SERIES for PS3 will be available in the American PlayStation Store as one package of 3 games for only $5.99.