Dixons Retail has unveiled a new trade-in scheme at PC World and Currys stores that will enable consumers to get cashback on old Apple machines when they buy a new Macbook, iMac or Mac Mini.
Interested customers will be able to send off machines that are up to three years old, and in return they'll get up to £350 for an iMac, Macbook Air of Macbook Pro, or £250 for a Macbook.
Non-Apple-ites aren't forgotten, as they can also get £150 cashback for a Windows 7 laptop, or £100 for other laptops.
The cashback comes after customers purchase a new machine, then fill in a form, before sending off the older machine.
While the prices are perhaps lower than what some people would be able to get through a private sale, PC World and Currys will be hoping to grab market from those looking for an easy sale.
It'll be interesting to see how other players in Apple resale market are affected. What do you think?
You can read more on the deal here at PC World.