Survey also shows that half of all adults in the States access the internet via tablet or smartphone.
According to research by the Pew Center, the number of adults in the US accessing the internet via mobile devices has rocketed.
And so has adoption of said devices.
An impressive 22 per cent of adults now own a tablet (double last year’s number) while a further three per cent regularly spend some time on a tablet someone else at home has. So, that's 25 per cent using tablets on an almost daily basis.
For smartphones, the figures are even better: 44 per cent of adults now own one, up from 35 per cent in May 2011.
But look at the headline – what about news? Well, seems that having a mobile device in their hand encourages staying on top of current affairs.
Forty-five per cent of mobile internet users have downloaded a news app to their mobile device (in 2010 that figure was 20 per cent), while tablet owners are leading the way. When it comes to mobile news consumption, 66 per cent of respondents accessed news on their device, compared to 62 per cent of smartphone owners.