A lot of noise on the PS3 scene recently, with a CFW 4.21, the possibility of a new dongle Blue Disk and many of Eboots release.

Summary of Comments of the Chinese team. (Briefly translated) Quote:

- During our first "demonstration", we did not say anything about marketing or not this Custom.
- The Blue team Disk never published before dongle 3.55.
- We understand that many users are not satisfied with previous dongles 3.55, we prepared two versions:
-> You can not update to the latest CFW and you will remain on this custom.
-> You can upgrade to the CFW more recent. We offer changes "handware" and free updates. We undertake to update this CFW ever.
- Both versions are very economical and we will announce the price later.
- Prepare other surprises when we launch the Blue Disk. FAQs - The Blue Disk is compatible with consoles Downgradable ONLY, and may be on consoles 3.55 or earlier. - No need to change your device after updating to this new CFW and you can return to a 3.55 back via a PUP. You can upgrade to an OFW. These actions can be done so repeatedly. - No risk of Bricke known (do not power off during the update). - Launch backups since BDCFW via internal or external hard drive without any modification. - The Blue Disk can be removed after the launch of the CFW. No need to leave it plugged in all the time. - The BD team develop more features for the dongle as emulation PS2 cheat codes offline / online.

Later, people were ConsoleCrunch contacted anonymously by a former developer and have a few theories about this. Citation:

ConsoleCrunch Hello, I'm an old dev and I have great news about CFW 4.21, some people call me a liar, and now they use what I explained about the CEX-DEX, the decryption Eboots etc ... I'll tell you some news on CFW 4.21. It is easy to make a CFW 4.21, first you must have a PS3 4.21 DEX, which will help you decipher all the "dev_flash" & co .. . You'll also need to empty the LV2 from the DEX (to decrypt the LV2 4.21) and after all that you have to do is resign and play a custom with peek & pook. 4.21 Remove the pup Cex , decrypt files with Dex Ps3 4.21, collect keys, make a custom Pup 4.21 with 4.21 signed new files / changed. Mujarrad Hi, already tested long ago ... It was one of the solutions, you can Kernel dump from 4.21 to 4.21 and Dex example above to create your own custom Dex. To Cex is almost similar, but you need a Ps3 Dex for development. You can encrypt and decrypt what you want with Dex Ps3 4.21 and good applications. For example Multiman you dumped the Lv2 4.21 and decrypt it with the PS3 (you must also activate the Log) which will record all your actions and save them on a USB device. This is used by the team for NodRm Ps3 games, you can do it yourself, if you do not want to wait for the release. applications One of the best is "memdump" which allows you dumped the LV1/LV2 and Flash, do not forget this application it Dex is useful 4.21.

Finally, the same source has shared the following information with some bonus files. Citation:

This is only the beginning, if you do not want to read all you can spend the bonus. Issue 1: A man is talking with someone about a long history happened in the past, this man finds all solutions but did not have time to show all he knows. After that, the poor people who do not respect the open source solutions make their own dongle. Issue 2: Asked a commercial private. How can you sell a product that does not yet exist? The business will tell you that it is simple, keep waiting, they are waiting more easier it is to sell ... Because people want what they do not need and is inaccessible (Apple method). We call this easy money with an easy. Issue 3: Watched my ad before and after the behavior of these devs ... action / reaction ... Trying to defend themselves to hide the real point is the method devs who want to make money and you never know do it alone. The fact is, if you work on a project, you should not worry about what people say and continue to work until to the end, and leave out the open source ... The difference between a commercial and open source dev. Issue 4: The PS3 community is not at all stupid, stupidity is the gesture. Done simply by buying the dongle True Blue is not stupid because you believe that the product will give you an advantage over the PS3, which is stupid, this is the dev that leaves you thinking that you're stupid. Item 5: A suitable point 4, the commercial position (show a little rather than all, it is better to trade). since the beginning We know how to work on PS3, but we do not show anything until he has something bigger and useful ... With the supportive position of SCE (Jailbreak, SCE tools, CEX-DEX and nothing really coming from the devs, only the one who has everything). Stage 1: the output of commercial dongles 3.41 (Jailbreak) does not work that much, we will publish this for free on all platforms (N900, Palm Pre, Texas instruments ...) we know almost everything about the PS3 firmware 3.41. Stage 2: CFW come out for PS3 keep patient community, welcome to the 3 55 (you know, after all, that Sony will release a firmware update ...) Output 3.6x, ok, it's time to plan the True Blue ... Let them believe in this product. Exit True Blue and the alternative (money money does not work on 3.41) You know all the new products from a new company need a start. For the next product, it will be easy to sell because the company has enough time to know what the public wants. Back to the story ... Let us a little about the True Blue because it begins to know what happens ... Phase 3: someone returns it and says all too much about the CEX-DEX and how to decrypt Eboots ... We need to find another solution and try to find a new product ... Because people will not accept to pay a new True Blue .. Oh damm ... Talk about a new CFW-> they will talk about on the web and later say that people have to pay to use and you can use it on 3.55 ... Conclusion: About point 5 and phase 1/2/3, check the reaction of the PS3 community each commercial product released and make a new product that we can sell it again without any problem ... Playing with old stuff that we know from some time to do new things ... Most of these devs do not know what they do, because the work is already done and we received great help PS3 Official Development Source (the CEX-DEX is a not great, but with the help of SCE, as the JIG / Jailbreak) Now think about it, why release a CFW 4.21/4.25 compatible only 3.55 when you can get a compatible PS3 .. Because, as I said, most of these devs do not know anything about it or how they can off the new PS3 ... Be a way to do it, but the problem is that you must use official tools from Sony, which conclude the point. Bonuses I'll explain two ways to properly exploit your PS3 3.55. 1) Forget CFW 3.55, the conversion CEX to DEX is already the best step you have to do even better than CFW. You can do whatever you want, but some devs do not tell you (look at what is just going after leak ). Would definitely recommend to be DEX and read all Pdf provides (1-2-3), you can do what you want after (do not be lazy to run things and do not be afraid You can not really Bricke a PS3 if you have a jailbreak (hardware flasher?) next to you.) After reading this, you should know how to decode / run all programs and even make your own custom firmware, what you patched need ... 2) For pros and amateurs devs or anyone wanting to learn FreeBSD & Co. You must build a FreeBSD base under Ps3 Dex and make your own kernel with the latest driver (gpu / cell / etc ...). petitboot Use for GameOS or started under OtherOS ... So you can charge large parts of the system to work with (decrypted, make your own custom ...). Can launch application and games from FreeBSD, but you must make your own loader, seriously for a dev is a breeze. idea is to use the emulator in the PS3 Cell Dex, load the Kernel Ps3 dumped and decrypted what you want ... The debugger is the job for you. Methodology for PS Vita Remote Play: You can force 480p on the Vita and play all games in 480p and even 576p up. - You need a Ps3 Dex - In 4.20/4.21, save your Vita in the ps3 with the function stored in a private network - 3.55 Downgrader by Dex - In DEX CFW 3.55, go to your computer and take all the "Param . SFO "of your game in the last PS3Gen and forced the" 480p only PS Vita " - Connect Vita remote play ps3 in the Dex (the system will keep the Vita recorded on Ps3) - On the Vita, go to settings Debug and force the resolution to 576 - Now you can run games 480/576