Well I bring you a video of the English translation of this game ( Fire Pro Wrestling D ) that are carrying out the guys in the group Project ReviveDC the translation is complete in about 80% and are asking for help from people who clearly have ( coff coff! someone said ilDucci or Ryo? ... coff! xD) Recall that came out only in Japan and is considered one of the best Dreamcast games Wrestling, although the graphics is not very developed, because it has multitude of players and animations as blows or shots ... Anyway, here is a message posted on his blog, the guys ReviveDC: " While a concrete release date has yet to be FINALIZED, progress has gone Steadily Rather, With The build at About 80% complete, showing great progress. With That said though, Revive DC Project is in dire need of an experienced coder to complete the project. If there is anyone out there can lend a hand That In This regard and help our cause to finally have InglÚs translated release of this legendary JPN exclusive, please contact via email at [email protected] "