VCMI Project is a free implementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 WoG engine.

0.89 -> 0.9 (Oct 01 2012)
* Provisional support creature-adding mods
* New filesystem allowing easier resource adding/replacing
* Reorganized package for better compatibility with HotA and not affecting the original game
* Moved many hard-coded settings into text config files
* Commander level-up dialog
* New Quest Log window
* Fixed a number of bugs in campaigns, support for starting hero selection bonus.

* New graphics for Stack Queue
* Death Stare works identically to H3
* No explosion when catapult fails to damage the wall
* Fixed crash when attacking stack dies before counterattack
* Fixed crash when attacking stack dies in the Moat just before the attack
* Fixed Orb of Inhibition and Recanterīs Cloak (they were incorrectly implemented)
* Fleeing hero wonīt lose artifacts.
* Spellbook wonīt be captured.

* support for quests (Seer Huts, Quest Guardians, and so)
* AI will now wander with all the heroes that have spare movement points. It should prevent stalling.
* AI will now understand threat of Abandoned Mine.
* AI can now exchange armies between heroes. By default, it will pass army to main hero.
* Fixed strange case when AI found allied town extremely dangerous
* Fixed crash when AI tried to "revisit" a Boat
* Fixed crash when hero assigned to goal was lost when attempting realizing it
* Fixed a possible freeze when exchanging resources at marketplace

* It is possible to select a battle AI module used by VCMI by typing into the console "setBattleAI ". The names of avaialble modules are "StupidAI" and "BattleAI". BattleAI may be a little smarter but less stable. By the default, StupidAI will be used, as in previous releases.
* New battle AI module: "BattleAI" that is smarter and capable of casting some offensive and enchantment spells