Following the release of TN-A for Urbanix by Total_Noob, Japanese porters, hiroi01 and teck4 are bringing us yet another sandboxed PlayStation Vita HEN, this time for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.The Japanese release of Monster Hunter 3 for the original PSP was originally found to be exploitable in the past month. Since then hundreds of users have had the chance to download the vHBL port. Following the release of TN-A for the PSP Mini, Urbanix, many were left to wonder which vHBL releases the HEN would be back ported to.
Wonder no more, as this marks the first of what will possibly be numerous back ports to older Vita Homebrew Enabler releases. Just as the Urbanix exploit for the European version of the game was ported to the US and JP versions, there’s no doubt Monster Hunter will follow the same suit. It is asked, however, that you practice patience while the porting takes place.
If you are one of the lucky few who own MHP3rd on 1.80 or lower, you can hit up the source link for the official release of the save game you will need to start enjoying eCFW 6.60 TN-A on your Vita. There you will find instructions on what files to place where and how to execute the exploit. Stay tuned for further information and releases in the coming days and don’t forget to check out Wololo’s recent blog post regarding Tuesday’s ninja release and TN-B. Special thanks to Total_Noob, hiroi01, teck4, and Wololo for this release.