The Nexus Network will be the place to get mods for Obsidian's KickStarter game
Obsidian Entertainment

In one of its seventeen project updates for the KickStarter-funded Project Eternity, developer Obsidian Entertainment has promised full mod support for the title. Obsidian has teamed up with the Nexus Networkas the official site for Project Eternity mods once the game launches.
"Our plan is to release our file-format information and expose as much of the data in the game as possible for you to extend and edit. We traditionally do not "hard-code" numbers so that our designers, and you, have the power to easily change and iterate on RPG data. We also plan on releasing localization tools to let communities around the world create localized versions for languages we are not translating Project Eternity into," wrote Obsidian senior programmer Tim Cain and project director Adam Brennecke in the update.
"As we get more familiar with Unity during production, we will be extending Project Eternity even more for mod makers. Look forward to announcements in the months ahead as we make further progress and can provide you with more information about tools and mod support."
The Project Eternity KickStarter has reached $2.4 million - more than twice its original $1.1 million goal - with 8 days left in the funding drive.