J-Runner v0.2 Beta (Build 283)
You can now read/write the limited edition power and eject sounds on any slim console using the Xecuter Sonus 360 QSB's and the Xecuter J-R Programmer, no rgh is required. A high end speaker upgrade is available from Team Xecuter for consoles that do not have the speaker that is featured in Limited Edition consoles because lets face it, the onboard buzzer type speaker is $#@!.

Stay tuned for some very very cool Sonus 360 soundpacks and new custom sound features in the next release…….

Added Xecuter Sonus 360 Editor
Added Improved Scan IP (if nand loaded in source)
Added Hex Editor/Viewer
Added Ability to use custom CB when creating Nand (advanced function)
Improved nand initialization
Improved Badblock Handling
Fixed bug on delete from CPUKey Database
Probably added more bugs
Sonus 360 Install Diagrams
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