Dustin has released an entry for the Drunken coders comp, heres the details:

Dodge the ornaments while collecting the stars. The longer you stay alive the higher your score. You have no weapons with which to defend yourself however you can slow down time in order to better dodge the ornaments. Watch out though as you run out of slow motion the bottom screen will turn from red to black. When it's black your out.

Star effects
Blue stars - 10 points and refill half of slow motion
Red stars - refill slow motion
Green stars - destroy all enemies on screen and refill half of slow motion

physics - on things glide around (astroids style), off they don't
players - one or two. If it's two then one person uses the x,y,a,b to move
control - stylus you use the stylus on the bottom screen d pad you use that

stylus or d pad to move depending on your choice. Either L or R will slow down time. Player 2 uses x,y,a,b regardless of whether player 1 is using the d pad or the stylus.

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