Today, Custom BlueDisk 4.25 is officially released.
This new custom is not one that speaks in Deank Multiman and like any new hack, caution is always advised before knowing exactly what is going on.

Announces the official site: Quote:

The custom Bluedisk is the last custom PS3, it allows the user to enjoy all the free PS3 games and PSN. With this custom, the user can play original games directly without making any changes. You allows you to play all games internally or externally from a USB device. You can upgrade to official firmware or custom downgrade and all too easily. 's team plans to add extra features like games PS2/PSX or cheats and also promises to quickly update and free to follow updates to Sony. All software will be free to download, users only need software CDKEY. Bluedisk The CFW Upgrader needs to 3.55 a console, if your firmware is higher, it should be downgraded before. PS: If the console Bricke, you can go directly with their tools 3.55.

As good news never comes alone, here's the bad. Currently, the team uses an older version of Multiman, the 2.08, because it is open source, they patched to make it work with their custom but all games do not work perfectly, it is hoped that the latest Multiman is updated for this custom. The second bad news is fuzzy on how they operate. GaryOPA received three CDKEY free to test their frmware, the details are not very clear whether all will be free. It is forced to send them an e-mail to get the CDKEY to insert into their software. The CDKEY will be verified. EID0.BIN dump from the console will also be requested and your custom is ready to be downloaded (the tools will be provided and the dump EID0 is used to convert a console Dex.) Third bad news due to their idea of PUP DRM must be 3.55 to dump the EID0 and it will be functional on your console. CDKEY once obtained, it can not be used again. Welcome to the second wave of DRM, in this case, it is because we have access to 4.25, and the Psn need Eboots but It is hoped that the price will be low enough and they keep their promise to receive free updates from Sony for those who paid (update 4.30 Sony is announced tomorrow). Thanks to beggars for information. Official website: