XParano has posted a new version of OrangeSnake for the PAlib Comp, heres the details:

It's basically a snake-type game, but with an evergrowing snake, there's no need to feed him, he grows by himself.

On the bottom screen, at the bottom right corner, a button will show every 3seconds:
press it, it will give you 150 points
don't press any button, it will removes you 100 points
press the wrong button, it will removes you 200 points, and makes your snake bigger

There are pills, and they give you 500 points and random good or bad bonuses: Grow / double speed / single speed / 5000 pts / Shrink (grows your snake / doubles his speed / set his speeds back to normal / add 5000 pts to your score /quite rare-Reduces the size of your snake)

Sometimes a ink stain will come accross the screen, just touch it with your own finger to make it disappear and add 350 pts to your score.

When you start a new game, you have 2 Stars (seen on the upper left of the upper screen, under your lives) that gives you access to the bonus stage, on the upper screen
Bonus stages allow you to reduce your size, by eating (yes, with his mouth, not his hair) your body pieces in a basic Pong lookalike game...
If you don't have anymore stars, you can still go there to "move" your snake's head position.

You gain 1 life after the first 50.000 pts, and after the following 100.000 pts

(PS: you will love my nicely MS-Paint drawn sprites, also, be aware, this is my second attempt to create something on DS, I should have discovered the joy of homebrewing earlier than 2weeks ago.

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