via palib comes another release for their coding comp:

TheTrees - YACOT(Yet Another Clone of Tetris)

Set up full row of fruits to make them disappear. You lose if your fruits get stocked up to the top. Feels kinda stupid explaining rules of this game... It's almost like explaining pang... If there is any player out there who doesn't know what tetris is I'm much older than I think XD

You can gain levels every time you make 100 rows disappear, making blocks fall a little bit faster. There is hall of fame, you can choose one of 3 fruits to play with(orange, apple and citrus), you can choose your starting level if you don't like to sleep trough level 1 to about 30. Max level is 60.

Game automatically sets your name the same as you put in your DS settings. There is no possibility to change it for now, as it would be tedious to do it every time you start the game, while there is no saving.

What is done but not included in this release:
Music - I have everything coded and I have nice mods, but I don't really know how moders scene looks at using their mods like that without asking.

What I still have to do:
Whoops, I forgot "your top score" section to update, but without saving and with hall of fame it is not a problem
Name change!
Getting rid of 2 minor glitches that you might see

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