Just hours ago E3 have released a Custom Firmware running on 4.30. There is little information around this at present, as there has not been a long enough time to test it out, however I personally believe it’ll be rather unstable, at least for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against E3 as I believe their Flasher is a good product (at least from my own experience), however I do have a few issues with this CFW. Without going into all the details, I just feel that this firmware will probably be lacking on updates and compatibility and that it would probably be better to wait for Rogero than use this. Also I find the name to be an example of shameless advertising, but enough of that.

For those of you wondering; you WILL need 3.55 so downgrading is still a necessity (sadly). There have also been reports of Bricking when upgrading to 4.21 (Rogero) for DEX users, so if you do have a DEX console, it would be wise to revert to CEX – at least for the upgrade.

For those wanting to download this firmware click Here. There have been no reports of Bricking as of yet, but again, the CFW has only been out a few hours so upgrade AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The password for this file is

Here is some information sourced from ps3news that was later removed as they claimed they were not ready for the release.


•You still need to be on CFW v3.55 or OFW v3.55 to install this new CFW v4.30 from the E3 Team.
•It is best if downgrading to follow the normal steps and dehashing like with Rogero just to be sure of no bricks.
•E3 will be releasing an upgraded E3 Flasher ‘update.bin’ (firmware) to handle direct downgrading to CFW v4.30.

Here we mention E3 flasher user that you needn’t solder wire with latest upgrade.bin file to unbrick console.”

Finally, although this news is not directly relevant (and rather old) it seems like this would be a good time to mention this, with all these new CFW on the rise.

It is possible to Cross-Play ANY Game from your PS3 with CFW using MultiMAN or Rogero Manager. It’s best to note that this is rather laggy, so place the Graphics on -1, but most (if not all) games are completely playable.