Source says PS4 is based on an AMD processor and will have an optical disc drive

Developers have been receiving PlayStation 4 dev kits, according to a report.
“Multiple sources” have apparently confirmed toVG247 that a new ‘Orbis kit’ is currently shipping to developers, and that it’s housed in PC casing.

There are to be four versions of the dev kit, says VG247. A previous version was essentially just a graphics card. The version shipping now is a “modified PC”, and the third version, appearing in January, will be close to final spec. A final version will be delivered to developers “next summer”.
A select number of US developers have attended a “disclosure meeting” at Sony’s offices this week, with the intention of explain to developers what the machine is capable of, detailing hardware and showing a set of presentations. Further meetings are due to take place in the coming weeks.
The source has said that Sony is only referring the machine as Orbis – first mentioned in a specs ‘leak’ in March this year, and is not using the words ‘PlayStation 4’ in the meetings at all.