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Thread: SHPNP Silent Hill Play Novel Portable Beta 0.20

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    Default SHPNP Silent Hill Play Novel Portable Beta 0.20

    SHPNP Beta 0.20 is going to be one fun homebrew game you will want to play on your PSP system , this cool homebrew game was being by a homebrew developer who has decided to released his first homebrew enable PSP homebrew application known as SHPNP which is currently in beta stages, So a few bus might be found on this released . However the game seem to be pretty stable and compatible with most PSP CFW and homebrew enable PSP system . Feel free to read below for a bit more information from the developer as well as downloaded from our download section below . Objective:
    Create a port from the PC version and Original Version o Silent Hill Play Novel so we can play it on our PSPs and Vitas. Once completed there will be a third version which will be the “arrange” version of the game wich will include some hd CGs and original music of the Silent Hill game mixed with a couple of twitches on the minigames and “gameplay” of the game.
    FeaturesDemo Version 0.20)
    Game select screen with custom bacground made by me.
    Pause Menu with custom bacground made by me.
    Digital Trading Card options added.You are not able to see the cards separetley yet.
    Selector icon image (the moth) customized in photoshop by me as it belongs to the moth on the cover box of the game.
    PC Silent Hill play novel port , you can play a part of harry scenario and the andy scenario(with a few bugs)
    This version it doesnt have the Toby Normoyle’s translation.
    Dpad—-It could be up or down or it could be left or right. it is used on the menus like game selection and pause mode , and also when selecting the caracter.
    Cross —Select
    Circle—Back(when its available for example the pause menu)
    Square—Debug View: Allows to see the current option and the gamestate.
    L shoulder button—Scale Image to 480×272(only works in game or in the character selector area as well as the digital trading cards)
    R Shoulder button—Unscale or scale back Image from 480×272 to 317×272

    Download and Give Feedback via Comments
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